Archery in Izu

Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls

The Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls are seven incredible waterfalls in the mountains of south-eastern Izu. A rainforest café-cum-art gallery and incredible onsen experience make for a great day trip from Retreat Wabi-Sabi. Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls Hiking Trails Tucked into the hills above Kawazu Town, the falls range from the towering 30-meter high Odaru Waterfall to the […]

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Published on: June 26, 2020  -  Filed under: Hot springs, Sightseeing, Sports & leisure


A day bicycle ride south and around the coast!

Dear guests and future guests, my name is Maddy, I am a thirty years old French girl traveling around the world for six months and the Izu Peninsula is by far my favorite place until now. I really enjoy the serenity that surrounds me here and the nature which is everywhere has a lot to […]

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Hirizo: Underwater Wonderland

From Guesthouse tabi-tabi, take a 40 minute bus ride down and around the coast to Nakagi, pay a 1000 yen for a 5 minute boat ride and you’ll arrive at the underwater wonderland, Hirizo. Before boarding the ship you can pick up some cold drinks, and rent the required snorkel and mask for only 500 […]

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Cycling Tours

Let’s ride!

  Another great way to experience Izu’s natural beauty is to get on a bike and ride. Aloha Bike Trip Cycling Tours can take you on road trips, mountain bike tours, night cruises, half day rides, over-night adventures, and can show the kids around as well. They have tours for all levels,  provide instruction for […]

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Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaks have got to be the best way to explore Izu’s incredibly beautiful coastline. Guides can take you into caves and through natural tunnels. There are quite a few sea kayak tour guides in the area. We went with Surface. They have English speaking guides, provide lunch and lessons that give you the confidence […]

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Another Way to Ride

Surfmats are an easy, fun, cheap, and safer way to ride waves. Yasu has a Krypt MT5 and I have the Tracker Roundtail from 4th Gear Flyer. I love my flyer! Big smiles spread my face wide as I rip towards the coast. These mats can also ride side-by-side as there  is no danger in […]

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misaki tarai

A Fierce God

The Mimami Izu Hiking Trail is know for its amazing views off the high jagged peak of Cape Tarai, or what the local people call “a fierce god”. To get to the trail we took the 20 minute bus ride from tabi-tabi to Yumi-ga-hama.  From there we walked to Ogahama, a beautiful rocky beach with […]

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Published on: June 13, 2011  -  Filed under: Sports & leisure