Another short jaunt from Guesthouse tabi-tabi is one of our other favorite late night dinner and drinks spots. The friendly owner Hiro, used to live in New York, where he spun hip-hop for skaters. Now he’s not only mixing vinyl, but he’s mixing up home-made ice-cream, tasty pasta, and great drinks! The small but ever-changing menu shows off his unique culinary talents.

Inside the warehouse looking buidling, he’s got a beautiful custom-made bar, amazing wood work interior, cool deco, a couple of candle-lit tables, and super chill atmosphere.

Hiro’s got a great selection of wine served in large stubby glasses. Last time we spent a few hours there, we had a great pasta, and sampled his selection of reds. He also treated us to this hors d’oevre of semi-dried tomato, salty cheesecake pâté, with rye bread (pictured right).


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Published on: June 9, 2011  -  Filed under: Restaurants & cafes