front entrance to guesthouse tabi-tabi kisami shimoda

guesthouse tabi-tabi shimoda







Guesthouse tabi-tabiは昭和の民宿を改装したシンプルな宿です。



今シーズンは新型コロナウイルスの影響を受けてGuesthouse tabi-tabiは休業し、姉妹宿のretreat wabi-sabiに注力して営業することになりました。下田での滞在は是非ご利用ください。 → retreat wabi-sabiサイト


Thx for the nice stay! Just what I needed after a month roadtripping.  Your place gave me a peaceful family feeling what you definitely don't find in some places of Japan!  Hajimemashite!

Greeta from Belgium

Thanks Yasu & Angela for creating this nice place, providing us with all info and simply for being such great hosts.  We would love to come back over and then we will catch some waves together! all the best, Frank & Inge Amsterdam

Frank and Inge from Amsterdam

Hi Angela and Yasu, We really enjoyed our stay here!  Thanks for aloe and advice!  Nice grapefruit!

Arco, Martine, Jons + Anna from Holland

Hi Angela & Yasu, Thanks for letting me stay in tabi tabi. I enjoyed and totally refreshed! And looking forward to the next time we meet! Good luck and much happiness for all of you! PS - Thanks for showing a cool place in Japan.  I feel at home :)


KANPAI!  Thank you for all the hospitality! Blue Room 4 Life!

Ben and Hayley? from Philadelphia