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Corona in Shimoda

UPDATE: From April 29th to May 6th, all non-essential businesses in Shimoda have been asked to close. Only the supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores etc. will remain open. Tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, and other styles of accommodation will be CLOSED.

Public parking areas will also remain closed. As mentioned below parking areas to beaches, parks, hiking routes, have all been blocked and police have been ticketing people for parking illegally.

To prevent the spread of the Covid-19, many local governments throughout Japan are trying to discourage travel to their areas. This is not an easy decision to make as it will mean even more financial hardship for the local people who depend on tourism. However, we must consider health before wealth. To protect yourself and the community, please stay home.


April 16th

Before you book your long Golden Week Holidays this year, we hope you will consider a few things. Since small towns, rarely make the news,  it may be hard to imagine how the the novel Corona Virus, Covid 19, is affecting local areas like Shimoda. Naturally, confirmed cases are much lower here compared to the big cities, but so is our population. We do have a number of confirmed cases on the peninsula most of which have been connected to cases in Tokyo which gives local people a reason to fear the big city and Tokyoites who are visiting the area looking for a bit of an escape.

Here at Retreat wabi-sabi we haven’t completely figured out how we are going to get through this challenging time.  We have already closed the guesthouses until the end of May.  We will not be offering rooms in a shared building. Instead we will only provide private self-catering cottages for families or groups.  We will not be offering single night stays and will be giving preference to longer stays in order to have gaps between bookings. To make our cleaning and disinfecting even less challenging we may only take 1 booking per building during the Golden Week holidays.

In order to protect ourselves, our staff, and our community we have started new protocols and practices. We keep our social circle very limited, we are practicing social distance whenever we do step out. We only shop when necessary, use disinfectants upon entering and departing the shops. We don’t eat out. We all wear masks out of the house. Because it has been impossible to buy masks in the shops I have been making DIY versions for all of our staff. We wash our hands as frequently as possible. Try to keep a healthy lifestyle by eating well and getting lots of sunshine. We clean all wipe-able surfaces with alcohol.  Anyone who wishes join us, will be asked to follow the same regimens. In order to limit contact with the local people in the area, we can provide shopping services to be delivered to the cottages.

Here in Shimoda and throughout the Izu peninsula private businesses and local governments are also limiting the access and services they normally offer. One of the biggest points to consider is that parking areas to all of the beaches and other popular tourists spots are closed. Many hotels and restaurants have also closed. 

Below is a current (as of April 16th) list of services that have been affected by the Corona virus. Please understand this is not a complete lists, we have tried to include most of the places we have recommended on our website’s “explore” pages. Moreover, we will not be able  to update daily even though the situation seems to be changing on a daily basis. Please call ahead if you are planning to head out.

UPDATE: The national government has just announced that the state of emergency will be expanded to entire country. This will have a huge effect on services that are already limited. We advise you to ask questions and share your concerns before confirming any plans.

Onsens (hotsprings):

Kanaya Ryokan Onsen: open
daily: 9:00 – 21:00

Shokichi Onsen: open
weekday: 10:00 – 20:00
weekend: 10:00 – 22:00

Kanon Onsen: open
daily: 10:00 – 18:00 (last entry)
Free Shuttle from Shimoda Station: 11:00, 12:00, 13:45, 15:00, 16:00
(please talk to the bus driver about returning to the station)

Restaurants offering take-out in Kisami Ohama Area:

On the Beach
Spice Dog
Oli Oli Cafe
Yakuzen Cafe Kukonomi

Restaurants in town offering take-out:



Kisami Ohama: parking closed
Shirahama: parking closed
Ryugukutsu: parking and cave closed
Tatadohama: parking closed
Iritahama: parking closed
Toji beach: parking closed
Nabeta Beach: parking closed
Sotoura Beach: parking closed

Tourist Attractions:

Shimoda Aquarium: closed
Geo Park Visitor Center: closed
Shimoda Michi-no-eki: closed
Ryugukutsu Sea Cave: closed
Kurofune Museum: closed
Shimoda History Museum: closed
Izu Cruise (Shimoda & Minami Izu): closed


Shimoda Kurofune (Black Ship) Festival: cancelled
Shimoda Gourmet Machi Baru: cancelled
Matsuzaki Flower Festival: cancelled

For more information about Shimoda, please call Tourist Information: 0558-22-1531

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