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Shimoda Guesthouse tabi-tabi walk to beach

Summer is over….. NOT! Actually, the fun has just begun! Today was the last day of work for the lifeguards (aka fun police), parking is now free everywhere (was 1500 yen during the “official” summer season), the crowds are gone, the traffic has unjammed, the best restaurants have seating available, and all the locals are expending a huge exhale before swigging down a cold one…… Yes, anyone who spends much time here will tell you that September is undoubtedly the best time to enjoy Shimoda!

The sea is warm, but contrary to popular belief, there are no jellyfish. Yes, we know Kanagawa (Shonan) jellyfish are taking away all the fun of having a refreshing dip in the ocean, but here in Shimoda I have never *knock on wood* seen or felt a jellyfish, or even heard of anyone else getting stung. Now, back to the beach I go….